Many years ago, before the Internet and Facebook, the residents of Patchway were encouraged to set up Associations to promote their own particular interests. Many of these also became registered charities in order to take advantage of the grants system and sometimes a little extra discount when buying things for their organisations.

The Patchway Community Association was set up to manage the Patchway Community Centre, as with the use of volunteers it was financially beneficial to the Patchway Town Council, or in those days the Parish Council who are the landlords of the building.

Volunteers holding Hands
Volunteers planting trees

Under written constitutions, Associations linked to Charities are duty bound to have Trustees, an Executive group, ordinary members and, in the case of the Patchway Community Association, user groups were also encouraged to become affiliated members to allow all parties to feedback information at these meetings.

Over the last decade, a lot of the original members have moved, left or passed on so we are hoping that new members who have just moved into the area will come forward to help in our charitable work and  with organising and volunteering to run Community events.

Our meetings are normally held on an evening, last approximately two hours and we hold a minimum of four meetings per year. These are usually very amicable meetings as we all have the interests of the Patchway People and user groups at heart.

Becoming members or affiliates means that you can attend meetings and contribute your ideas on how to improve our centre, to discuss finance and fundraising and have the opportunity to vote on decisions involving the centre. By affiliating, you will be providing your support to the centre, which will help us when we are applying for grants but will in turn help you as a group if you wanted to apply for funding.

We are currently involved in the extension of the Community Centre and enhancing the old building, the first major refit in over 40 years, to make it a better place for the people of Patchway to host their activities for another generation.

If you feel you have the expertise, practical or academic skills to benefit our Association, please enquire about membership of our organisation via the Contact page. We would love to hear from you.