Here at the Patchway Community Association, we have eight rooms, all of which are available for hire. Click through to each room page to find out more about each one, including dimensions, capacity, amenities and availability. If you would like to hire one of our rooms, then we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us here.

Main Hall

Floor area: 220.05m²
Seating capacity: 150 – 200

The Main Hall has been the biggest asset of this Community Centre for many years because of its size and licensed occupancy numbers. It has the advantage of a large stage at one end, with stage lighting provided. The sprung maple floor is ideal for ballroom dancing as well as hip-hop and modern dance. The surface is also very good for martial arts groups, where grip and slip is an essential part of the activity. This well-maintained area is in constant use, so early booking would be essential, as regular groups have always had priority over one-off bookings. Proof of competency will be required for Stage Management and lighting, if a group wishes to use the stage.

New Hall

Floor area: 95.05m²
Seating capacity: 80 – 100

This hall is a smaller version of the Main Hall in that is has a sprung maple floor, suitable for dancing, gymnastics and all sorts of martial arts groups. It can easily cope with larger groups. Tables and chairs can br provided to the hirer’s requirements, within the licensed number of persons.

Room 3

Floor area: 74.05m²
Seating capacity: 50 – 60

Light and airy, this room is ideal for birthday parties and functions/meetings that require a longer, narrower setting. This room has a linoleum floor for easy cleaning. Tables and chairs can be provided to suit.


Floor area: 46m²
Seating capacity: 20 – 25

A quiet room on the Rodway Road side of the Centre, which has a whiteboard available. It is available with easy access for wheelchair students and a separate entrance if required.


Floor area: 46m²
Seating capacity: 20 – 25

This room is suitable for all kinds meetings or small gatherings, i.e. club member meetings, small bingo groups, baby showers etc. The furniture can be laid out to suit the hirer’s needs. There is a large whiteboard, which can double-up as a projector screen, if a lecture area is required. It can also be used as a breakout room for refreshments, if the hirer is using the Main Hall. The kitchen is adjacent to the Lounge.

The Jennings Suite

This is a brand new facility being built during the current renovation of our fantastic Centre. Therefore, we don’t actually know any of the specifications yet. Check back soon to find out more!

Meeting Room 1

Floor area: 24m²
Seating capacity: 10 – 15

This is a smaller and quieter room, in a quiet corner of the existing Centre, which could be used for interviews, private meetings or meditation. There is a separate access to this area, if confidentiality is required. This room is perfect for small groups who need somewhere more secluded. The tables and chairs can be arranged in both a formal and informal way. An overhead projector and screen are both available, as well and tea and coffee-making facilities.


The Kitchen is situated off the main foyer and is available for groups to use whilst they are using the Centre for specific functions. Presently, the large commercial oven belongs to a user group but we can negotiate the use of it, provided it is returned in an immaculate condition, although a deposit will be required. The Kitchen has two microwaves, kettles and plenty of mugs, cups and saucers etc. There is a serving hatch through to the Lounge, so it can be used for refreshments, if using the Main Hall for dances, pantomimes or other such events.